Opal Whiteley Cottage Grove Oregon Mural Main St
Photo Credit: cottagegrove.net Opal Whiteley Cottage Grove Mural

Nestled in the southern Willamette Valley is a close nit town of just around 10,000 people in a beautiful place called Cottage Grove Oregon.

Cottage Grove is home to 2 lakes and 2 rivers, that go through the middle of town. There is an abundance of recreation, with National forests surrounding town, we have mountains to the east and west.  This is also a place that is rich with history.

The first white settlers came to Cottage Grove in 1848 via the Oregon Trail and then the Applegate Trail. Until that time, only the Kalapuya native Americans occupied the southern territory of the Willamette Valley. The first Post Office was established in the house of Greenbery C. Pearce who lived near Creswell in 1855.

In 1863 Gold was discovered in the Bohemia Mountains, named after James “Bohemia” Johnson, just east of town. Gold mining activities died down in the 1920s. Lots of this history can be found in the Cottage Grove Museum (Birch and H St.).

The railroad arrived in 1872, the Pacific Highway in 1909, and finally I-5 in 1957. Today, over 9,500 people live in the town of Cottage Grove. A wide variety of craftsmen, artists, the wood industry and other diverse businesses contribute to the growing economy.

Cottage Grove has lots of annual events that draw crowds to town and to commerce. The most notorious and celebrated is the Bohemia Mining Celebration, a carnival and celebration of our roots in the mining communities surrounding town.

Cottage Grove is known as the covered bridge capital of Oregon.  Here is a link to a tour map of our covered bridges.

Dorena Covered Bridge-Cottage Grove Oregon
Dorena Covered Bridge